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  1. Darla G. says:

    Hey…how are you? Don’t give up on me, OK?My niece, who I have custody of since my sister died was with some friends Thursday night, and got broadsided by a pickup. She was life flighted to Tulsa. She will have surgery tomorrow to put pins and rods in her femur. She is soooo doped up. She was eating imaginary tacos earlier. My laptop is in Muskogee…..I will have it tomorrow. YEA. I want to thank you for that awesome favor. I really appreciate it. I will probably have lots of questions. This is a new frontier for me. You are AWESOME, my friend. Hope to hear from you. Darla

  2. Dan says:

    do you have a free trial of freedom soft that I can try for like 30 days.


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