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Wealth Warrior Network
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  1. color scheme says:

    I just stop by say hi and thank you for all the wizdom God has giveen you over the years, and wish you and your famly a happy Christmas and a happy new yrar

  2. thomas says:


  3. All my wishes that all people of the world are generous beings to help people like me to be pushed in business, using that quote is that financial.I hope will applicable.salutations distinguées.your partnair.Mr Bounab Makhlouf.

  4. Woodie Roten says:

    Please My name is Woodie Jr Roten and I am Disable and trying my heart out to get back on my feet. Please Help me. I just starting to learn how to flip Houses, but I don’t NO Where to find buyers for the property that I’ll find Please Help me. I can’t help to beg, but I am not to good to beg. I NO the Lord will help me find some Mentor that cares and I will give you my promise if you help me and when I become successful I will help someone else. My address is 482 Buzzard Roost Rd. Bulls Gap, TN 37711 and email is: my phone is 423-523-2369 Thank You & God Bless Woodie

  5. Michael Slapnicker says:

    You sent me email with videos that would not play

  6. Hello,
    could I get a 30 day trail on your REO Rock start program
    for free so I can get stared, it looks like you make a lot of money
    in due time.
    thank you

  7. anvesh says:

    Pls send me your newsletter

  8. This is an opportunity that we have awaited to participate in “the correct manner”. Thank you so very much

  9. Hey Preston,
    I am a fan. I am loving Freedom Soft and the REO ROCKSTAR program. Lots to learn though. My only struggle at the moment is finding a buyer for a deal that needs to be tied up by the 15th of Nov, 2014. Great programs, love the ease and simplicity,yet the depth and level of the information is profound. Thanks a bunch. God bless
    Elaine [Sheran]

  10. j says:

    Seek Jesus and HE will solve all of your problems, nothing else will. God Bless

  11. Don Case says:

    My phone battery went dead at the end of your presentation yesterday, can you please re-send it to me I want my partner and my wife to hear it. Thank Don

  12. Preston, Man i really need you brother. I Just lost my job and about to lose my place. I’m The Father of 8 Beautiful Children. I have no money, and just dont know where we are going to go. If i have your free info i wouldnt know where to start to get us out of this mess. Please somebody Help!!! Call 202-657-1497. Thanks And God Bless you all.

  13. Luke McLlaughlin says:

    Tried to purchase the empire program and can’t for some reason pleas help

  14. Darla G. says:

    Hey…how are you? Don’t give up on me, OK?My niece, who I have custody of since my sister died was with some friends Thursday night, and got broadsided by a pickup. She was life flighted to Tulsa. She will have surgery tomorrow to put pins and rods in her femur. She is soooo doped up. She was eating imaginary tacos earlier. My laptop is in Muskogee…..I will have it tomorrow. YEA. I want to thank you for that awesome favor. I really appreciate it. I will probably have lots of questions. This is a new frontier for me. You are AWESOME, my friend. Hope to hear from you. Darla

  15. Dan says:

    do you have a free trial of freedom soft that I can try for like 30 days.


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